Quick Start

The QuickStart Guide (PDF) provides a overview of our software and its use

User Guide

The UserGuide (PDF) provides general information about the OPeNDAP software, the two versions of the Data Access Protocol (DAP) and information about access to remote data made available using DAP.

Hyrax Installation and Configuration Guide

The Hyrax Installation and Configuration Guide (PDF) provides information about the Hyrax Data Server. In this guide you will find a description of the server’s featrues and all of its configuration parameters. Also described in teh guide are other web services that Hyrax provides, including WMS and WCS.

Notes about this repository

Building CommonMark from AsciiDoc

Quick note about coverting to CommonMark Markdown from AsciiDoc.

To convert to CM from adoc, use 'asciidoctor' and 'pandoc' like this:

asciidoctor -b docbook5 -o quick_start_hack QuickStart.adoc
pandoc -f docbook -t commonmark -o quick_start.cm quick_start_hack

About opendap.github.io

The https://opendap.github.io site is populated with HTML and PDF documents that are automatically built any time an AsciiDoc file in the documentation repo is updated on the master branch.

This page comes from the github.com/OPeNDAP/documentation repository, but it contains links to other pages from other OPeNDAP github documentation repositories (e.g., hyrax\_guide). To add new documention from a new repo, first arrange to publish its content via gh-pages and github.io and then link those pages here. See the github.com/OPeNDAP/hyrax_guide repo and the entry above for Master_Hyrax_Guide.html/pdf for an example.

Automaic github.io updates

Another take on the same sort of process - updating gh-pages from a .travis.yml file - that does not use asciidoctor: Automatically Update GitHub Pages with Travis.